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Kodak EasyShare V570 Digital Camera reviews

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Kodak EasyShare V570 image
Kodak EasyShare V570
5 megapixel image sensor, 5x optical zoom range, dual lens technology

Kodak EasyShare V570 review from Steve's DigiCams
"The V570's automatic and scene modes produce pleasing, although somewhat soft, 5-megapixel images without any fuss. Its greatest appeal will be to those who shoot primarily indoors, the class-leading 23mm ultra wide lens providing a field of view that makes shooting in cramped interiors a breeze."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-02-18. Read the full Steve's DigiCams - Kodak EasyShare V570 Review

Kodak EasyShare V570 review from Digital Camera Resource Page
"The EasyShare V570 is the only compact digital camera in the world that has both a traditional 3X zoom and an ultra wide-angle lens. The camera has more than its share of negatives (listed below), but if you're after a compact camera that can do wide and telephoto shots, the V570 is the only game in town."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-01-02. Read the full Digital Camera Resource Page - Kodak EasyShare V570 Review

Kodak EasyShare V570 review from CNET Reviews
"The stylish Kodak EasyShare V570 mates this wide-angle lens with a separate 39mm-to-117mm 3X zoom lens. Each lens has its own sensor, thanks to a folded optical path that accommodates a 5-megapixel pair. The ultrawide lens is the perfect complement for the V570's in-camera panorama-stitching feature, which can capture a full 180-degree vista with only three shots."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-01-18. Read the full CNET Reviews - Kodak EasyShare V570 Review

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