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HP Photosmart R717 Digital Camera reviews

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HP Photosmart R717 image
HP Photosmart R717
6.2 megapixel resolution, 24x total zoom - HP Precision 3x optical lens, 8x digital, 32 MB internal storage memory

HP Photosmart R717 review from CNET Reviews
"The 7.1-ounce R717 is a nice-looking camera, with a pleasingly curvy design, a brushed-metal front, and an easy-to-grip rear surface. The 1.8-inch LCD screen isn't terribly large, but it's more than bright enough to read and can be adjusted to a lower setting to save on battery life."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-04-20. Read the full CNET Reviews - HP Photosmart R717 Review

HP Photosmart R717 review from Photography Blog
"Inside the HP R717 are a number of cutting-edge technologies, the most notable being HP Adaptive Lighting, which automatically adjusts high contrast photos to reveal detail in the shadow areas. Other features on the HP R717 that are designed to make your life easier include automatic Red-Eye removal, which recognises red-eye and lets you remove it via the LCD screen, in-camera panorama preview and Image Advice, which analyses your photos then offers tips on how to improve them."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-05-19. Read the full Photography Blog - HP Photosmart R717 Review

HP Photosmart R717 review from Trusted Reviews
"Although from the outside it doesn’t look much different to many of the other compact digital cameras on the market, the R717 is packed with advanced technology designed to help you take better pictures."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-07-12. Read the full Trusted Reviews - HP Photosmart R717 Review

HP Photosmart R717 review from Digital Camera Review
"The HP Photosmart R717 is a serious attempt by a long-time computer manufacturer to make all aspects of digital photography enjoyable. This 6 MP compact camera goes beyond traditional digital photography and basic image editing and integrates itself with a host of online web services, in-camera help functionality, and external printers to bring the full spectrum of digital photography to life. "
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-07-24. Read the full Digital Camera Review - HP Photosmart R717 Review

HP Photosmart R717 review from DigiCam Review
"With the HP features such as Adaptive Lighting, red-eye reduction, and HP image advice, built in help this camera is very easy to use. For someone looking for a very easy to use, compact and stylish camera the HP Photosmart R717 is worth considering. "
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-07-27. Read the full DigiCam Review - HP Photosmart R717 Review

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