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HP Photosmart M517 Digital Camera reviews

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HP Photosmart M517 image
HP Photosmart M517
5.1 megapixel image sensor, 3x Optical Zoom lens, 2 inch LCD screen and 32 megabytes of internal memory

HP Photosmart M517 review from Let's Go Digital
"In order to make high quality photos one does not have to be a professional. With the new HP Photosmart M517 this task is easily done. But is not only the easy operation, an innovative technology like the HP Real Life Technology is able to, for example, automatic correct red eyes in the picture or ensure good back light pictures directly in the camera itself."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-04-25. Read the full Let's Go Digital - HP Photosmart M517 Review

HP Photosmart M517 review from Byte Sector
"The M517 produces results expected from a 5 megapixel camera. It is prone to some aberration, and sometimes tends to shift the colours a bit cooler. It also has some difficulty dealing with higher contrast situations, making your pictures look flat or washed out."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-09-02. Read the full Byte Sector - HP Photosmart M517 Review

HP Photosmart M517 review from PCMag
"The HP Photosmart M517, which is the updated version of the M417, is the latter case. We didn't find much of anything new or improved. In fact, we found the two to be nearly identical."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-10-04. Read the full PCMag - HP Photosmart M517 Review

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