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HP Photosmart M425 Digital Camera reviews

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HP Photosmart M425 image
HP Photosmart M425
5-megapixels, 3x optical lens and 6x digital zoom for 18x total zoom, 1.7-inch image display, 16 MB internal memory

HP Photosmart M425 review from Digital Camera Info
"With an understated and standard design, HP's M425 is a basic point-and-shoot 5 MP digital camera that will provide its users with an opportunity to shoot, alter, and share images, all while never moving outside the camera. The intensive Help menus will provide unsure or beginning users with a myriad of opportunities to learn and advance as camera users, even if the camera doesnít have a large number of manual controls."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-02-02. Read the full Digital Camera Info - HP Photosmart M425 Review

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