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HP Photosmart M22 Digital Camera reviews

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HP Photosmart M22 image
HP Photosmart M22
4 megapixel resolution, 6x digital zoom, 16 MB internal memory, 3.8 cm (1.5 inch) outdoor viewable LCD screen

HP Photosmart M22 review from Steve's DigiCams
"...the PhotoSmart M22 will make a great choice for those who are just entering the digital world or want a replacement for all those disposable film cameras. It's easy to use, has good image quality, and slides into almost any size pocket or purse. Just make sure you watch where you put your fingers when framing a picture."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-05-06. Read the full Steve's DigiCams - HP Photosmart M22 Review

HP Photosmart M22 review from Trusted Reviews
"The M22 is described as weatherproof, which is not the same as waterproof. While Pentax’s outstanding Optio WP can be immersed at depths of 1.5m for up to 30 minutes, the HP M22 is only able to withstand splashes, rain and spray, but even that will be an advantage if you lead an active lifestyle."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-07-19. Read the full Trusted Reviews - HP Photosmart M22 Review

HP Photosmart M22 review from DigiCam Review
"The HP Photosmart M22 scores very highly on ease of use, but unfortunately falls short on image quality, with soft images, and poor indoor photo quality. The lack of optical zoom is a real shame as well - you may be better off buying a camera with an optical zoom lens."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-08-01. Read the full DigiCam Review - HP Photosmart M22 Review

HP Photosmart M22 review from Pocket Lint
"The M22 is a sweet little digital camera pitched at the entry-level end of the market but with a fair specification and with good build quality. An all-metal weatherproofed body is the standout feature while in terms of build; particularly at this price/level, it meets the "IEC specification 60529, Grade 4", a standard for such weatherproofery."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-02-07. Read the full Pocket Lint - HP Photosmart M22 Review

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