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Fuji Fujifilm FinePix V10 Digital Camera reviews

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Fuji Fujifilm FinePix V10 image
Fuji Fujifilm FinePix V10
5 megapixel digital camera, 3.4x Optical Zoom, 3.0 inch LCD ideal for it's games, USB 2.0

Fuji Fujifilm FinePix V10 review from Digital Camera Info
"The camera has a very distinct, square look and comes in gun-metal (dark silver) and orange colors. The Fujifilm FinePix V10 has a large ISO range from 64-1600 that allows users to turn off the flash and shoot in natural light. The digital camera also has four video games that are loosely related to photos a photo puzzle and maze with a photo, for examplehe FinePix V10, a digital camera that has many of the same imaging guts of the Fujifilm F10 but adds a video game feature."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-01-27. Read the full Digital Camera Info - Fuji Fujifilm FinePix V10 Review

Fuji Fujifilm FinePix V10 review from Let's Go Digital
"This brand new FinePix model comes in two colours (Gunmetal or Orange finish), features the Real Photo Technology and is equipped with an ultra large 3 inch monitor.Once you have worked with such a large display you never want to go back to a smaller sized one. The Fujifilm V10 incorporates a 5.1 Megapixel Super CCD HR sensor which already attained high scores regarding excellent noise/signal ratio at high ISO values. The improved version of the Super CCD offers higher resolutions and less noise, a welcoming combination."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-02-06. Read the full Let's Go Digital - Fuji Fujifilm FinePix V10 Review

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