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Fuji Fujifilm FinePix F11 Digital Camera reviews

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Fuji Fujifilm FinePix F11 image
Fuji Fujifilm FinePix F11
6.3 megapixel sensor, 3x Optical Zoom lens, 2.5inch LCD display, high ISO 1600 sensitivity

Fuji Fujifilm FinePix F11 review from
"the Fujifilm F11 is suddenly a serious contender for the crown of "photographer's pocket camera".
Its main strength is the combination of amazing performance at ISO 800 and 1600 with almost full creative control via the aperture-priority and shutter-priority modes. The Fujifilm Finepix F11 will appeal to anyone who is looking for the ability to shoot in low-light with or without flash..."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-01-27. Read the full - Fuji Fujifilm FinePix F11 Review

Fuji Fujifilm FinePix F11 review from Pocket Lint
"Great build and design complement this small, stylish camera that offers fast operation, good image quality with plenty of detail. Nice LCD screen and great battery life too Easy to use, the Fuji FinePix F11 adds manual control to the basic, FinePix F10 predecessor package "
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-01-24. Read the full Pocket Lint - Fuji Fujifilm FinePix F11 Review

Fuji Fujifilm FinePix F11 review from DC Views
"The Finepix F11 is a fairly compact and durable camera. With the exception of the plastic battery door and
tripod mount it is entirely made of metal. Usability is excellent with nice positive controls that are easy
to operate. While the camera can be used by the whole family as an easy to use point and shoot, the true
enthusiast will still find enough advanced features to satisfy his or her creativity.
Image quality is very good with nice accurate colours and excellent white balance. The extensive ISO range is obviously the camera's main asset, but even if you don't need this feature, its photo quality is good enough to put this camera high on your list if you are looking for a quality compact. As an ideal go-anywhere camera the F11 may even tempt you to leave that heavy DSLR at home sometimes, knowing that perfect images can be captured without lugging tons of gear around."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-02-18. Read the full DC Views - Fuji Fujifilm FinePix F11 Review

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