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Canon PowerShot A620 Digital Camera reviews

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Canon PowerShot A620 image
Canon PowerShot A620
7.1 megapixel sensor, 4x Optical Zoom, 2.0 inch vari-angle opening LCD display, 1cm macro mode, USB 2.0

Canon PowerShot A620 review from CNET Reviews
"Sliding easily to the head of Canon's A-series line, the 7-megapixel PowerShot A620 (and its 5-megapixel sibling, the PowerShot A610) steps comfortably into the large shoes worn by the wildly popular PowerShot A95. With a 4X optical zoom that spans a useful 35mm-to-140mm (35mm-equivalent) range, the Canon PowerShot A620 keeps up the A95's tradition of packing full manual controls and a solid list of scene modes into an easy-to-use, moderately sized camera that will meet the needs of a broad spectrum of photographers."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-10-13. Read the full CNET Reviews - Canon PowerShot A620 Review

Canon PowerShot A620 review from DCRP Review
"The Canon PowerShot A620 is a very competent midsized camera that's a good fit for both beginners and enthusiasts, and it gets my highest recommendation. With both automatic and manual shooting modes, very good movie and continuous shooting features, and expandability, the A620 is a lot of camera for under $400."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-11-03. Read the full DCRP Review - Canon PowerShot A620 Review

Canon PowerShot A620 review from Steve's DigiCams
"Canon has struck gold with this winning combination of high-quality and low price. The A620 offers users outstanding image quality with robust performance, all in a stylish and very durable package. With its wealth of exposure modes, your entire family will love using it, and with 7-megapixels of resolution you can create endless 13x19-inch prints (just be sure you have lots of ink handy.)"
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-11-04. Read the full Steve's DigiCams - Canon PowerShot A620 Review

Canon PowerShot A620 review from DP Review
"In August 2005 Canon announced two new A series digital cameras, the five megapixel A610 and seven megapixel A620 on test here. Both cameras replace the long-running, and very popular A95, and join the A520 as affordable, well-specified compacts for the enthusiast user on a budget. The A620 certainly looks promising on paper; newly kitted out with the fast DIGIC II processor and a 2.0-inch vari-angle LCD, it has a wealth of shooting options and 4x optical zoom. "
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-11-05. Read the full DP Review - Canon PowerShot A620 Review

Canon PowerShot A620 review from Imaging Resource
"With exposure controls that range from full-automatic, snap-shot simplicity to full-manual creativity, the A620 is a good choice for a family with widely differing photography skills. Given its low price and breadth of features, it should also be attractive to budding shooters on tight budgets who want to advance their photographic skills."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-11-30. Read the full Imaging Resource - Canon PowerShot A620 Review

Canon PowerShot A620 review from Megapixel
"Bringing to this economical camera series a 7.1 megapixel resolution, the A620 retains many of the well-thought out external controls and the performance that has been noted with its predecessors."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-12-04. Read the full Megapixel - Canon PowerShot A620 Review

Canon PowerShot A620 review from Digital Camera Review
"Besides the megapixel upgrade, the A620 brings a better 4x optical zoom, the new DIGIC II processor, and a larger 2 inch LCD. After the success of the A95, it will be interesting to see if this camera becomes as popular."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-12-18. Read the full Digital Camera Review - Canon PowerShot A620 Review

Canon PowerShot A620 review from PhotographyBLOG
"The A620 replaces the slightly older and very popular PowerShot A95 in the Canon line-up. Under the surface, the Canon A620 uses the same advanced DIGIC II processor for fast performance and image processing as the company's digital SLR cameras."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-01-11. Read the full PhotographyBLOG - Canon PowerShot A620 Review

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