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Canon PowerShot A520 Digital Camera reviews

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Canon PowerShot A520 image
Canon PowerShot A520
4 megapixel digital camera, 4x Optical Zoom lens, 1.8-inch LCD screen

Canon PowerShot A520 review from DP Review
"the PowerShot A520 is the replacement for the PowerShot A85, and continues the line of best-selling budget models that goes right back to early 2001 with the A10 and A20. The changes are evolutionary rather than revolutionary; a reduction in size and weight (it's 13% smaller and 20% lighter), the inclusion of a new four times optical zoom lens (the A85 had a three times), zoom-linked flash, a shift from CompactFlash to SD card for storage and a drop to two AA batteries from four."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-03-20. Read the full DP Review - Canon PowerShot A520 Review

Canon PowerShot A520 review from Imaging Resource
"The Canon PowerShot A520 is the latest in a long line of well-built digital cameras from Canon. Canon U.S.A. has long been a strong contender in the film and digital camera markets, well-known for its high-quality optics, technical innovations, and aggressive product development. The 4.0-megapixel Canon A520 updates this extensive line with a longer-ratio zoom lens, more compact form factor, and a few other unique features, increasing the camera's already great flexibility. "
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-03-22. Read the full Imaging Resource - Canon PowerShot A520 Review

Canon PowerShot A520 review from Digital Camera Resource Page
"Two of the hottest digital cameras of 2004 were the Canon PowerShot A75 and A85. Both were superior to the competition thanks to their picture quality, full manual controls, and expandability. For 2005 Canon has gone even further with their replacements, the A510 ($199) and A520 ($299). Instead of slapping new model numbers on the same old thing, Canon reinvented the A75 and A85 with some great new features"
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-02-23. Read the full Digital Camera Resource Page - Canon PowerShot A520 Review

Canon PowerShot A520 review from Steve's DigiCams
"There's a lot to like about the Canon PowerShot A520. With automatic and scene modes for the beginner, and manual, shutter-priority and aperture-priority modes for the advanced user, it has appealing features for every member of your family. It is small and light enough that you'll want to have it with you all the time, never missing a photo op. The A520's image quality is very good, with sufficient resolution for 8x10-inch prints even after a moderate amount of cropping."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-03-09. Read the full Steve's DigiCams - Canon PowerShot A520 Review

Canon PowerShot A520 review from Digital Camera Review
"Entry-level digicams are generally fairly tame, but Canon's new Powershot A520 challenges that stereotype by re-defining the performance and usability parameters that have always typified entry-level Point & Shoot cameras. Even neophyte snap shooters will instantly master the A520's program and scene modes while more advanced photographers will love having the ability to choose greater control and more creative freedom with the A520's aperture priority, shutter priority, and full manual modes."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-04-27. Read the full Digital Camera Review - Canon PowerShot A520 Review

Canon PowerShot A520 review from DigiCam Review
"The camera is compact and is designed well - the camera feels comfortable in my hands. The camera is fairly compact and has a good zoom range. The camera is easy to use, the menu system is easy to use and there is a fairly good layout of buttons and controls. There is a good choice of features and options to suit all levels of experience, manual focus, shutter/aperture control, scene modes, as well as manual white balance. The camera speed is okay, but slightly on the sluggish side."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-05-30. Read the full DigiCam Review - Canon PowerShot A520 Review

Canon PowerShot A520 review from Photoxels
"The Canon PowerShot A520 (just like the A510 with 3.2MP resolution) is one of our recommended affordable entry level digital cameras for someone just starting out in photography. It is feature-packed and will grow with you as you learn more about digital photography."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-06-14. Read the full Photoxels - Canon PowerShot A520 Review

Canon PowerShot A520 review from CNET Reviews
"The PowerShot A520 has significant improvements over the PowerShot A85 model it replaces, too, including a 3-ounce weight reduction."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-06-21. Read the full CNET Reviews - Canon PowerShot A520 Review

Canon PowerShot A520 review from Let's Go Digital
"The PowerShot A520 is the successor to the PowerShot A85 with enhanced compactness and functions. The Canon A520 digital camera is equipped with an approximately 4.0 million camera effective pixel 1/2.5-inch Charge Coupled Device (CCD). The DIGIC Imaging Processor speeds precise image handling, and when teamed with iSAPS technology, results in the best image control. The Canon A520 is equipped with a 4x optical zoom lens, which covers a 35mm film equivalent focal length ranging from 35 mm to 140 mm, and has an f/2.6 to f/5.5 aperture. Therefore, its optical shooting range is even wider than PowerShot A85. The Powershot A520 camera succeeds the basic shooting ability of the PowerShot A85."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-08-11. Read the full Let's Go Digital - Canon PowerShot A520 Review

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