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Canon EOS 5D Digital Camera reviews

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Canon EOS 5D image
Canon EOS 5D
12.8 megapixel Sensor, AF with 9 points, LCD of 2.5 inches, Magnesium body, DIGIC II and USB 2.0

Canon EOS 5D review from Let's Go Digital
"It seems beforehand that the EOS 5D will become a gigantic hit. It meets the demand for a compacter professional camera; one that can fill up the gap between the EOS 20D and the 1D Mark II N. The grand surprise is that it turned out to be a full size model. Canon lent us the Canon EOS 5D with the EF 24-105 f/4 L IS USM for a short period of time. The results of our test can be read in the Canon EOS 5D digital camera review."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-12-02. Read the full Let's Go Digital - Canon EOS 5D Review

Canon EOS 5D review from Luminous Landscape
"what makes the 5D of special note in today's camera marketplace is not so much that it's full-frame, and not that it's just shy of 13 Megapixel though both are very desirable traits. What makes the 5D of singular interest is that the camera's size and weight is little bigger than that of its stablemate, the Canon 20D, as well as most of the other current 5-8 Megapixel DSLRs with reduced-frame (APS-sized) sensors."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-09-02. Read the full Luminous Landscape - Canon EOS 5D Review

Canon EOS 5D review from Rob Galbraith
"At first blush, it looks like what Canon has put together is a 20D with a larger sensor. But the camera really represent a hybrid of features, some unique to the 5D, some pulled from the 20D and others it shares with Canon's 1-series digital SLR models (and the EOS-1D Mark II N in particular)."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-08-22. Read the full Rob Galbraith - Canon EOS 5D Review

Canon EOS 5D review from DP Review
"The EOS 5D is aimed to slot in between the EOS 20D and the EOS-1D professional digital SLR's, an important difference when compared to the latter is that the EOS 5D doesn't have any environmental seals. While Canon don't specifically refer to the EOS 5D as a 'professional' digital SLR it will have obvious appeal to professionals who want a high quality digital SLR in a body lighter than the EOS-1D. "
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-10-01. Read the full DP Review - Canon EOS 5D Review

Canon EOS 5D review from Virtual Traveller
"The 5D is as good as I expected it to be, and I expected it to be amazing."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-09-23. Read the full Virtual Traveller - Canon EOS 5D Review

Canon EOS 5D review from CNET Reviews
"The Canon EOS 5D's design and performance are only fair, and its feature set is unexceptional for the price. But its high-resolution images offer superb detail, rich tonality, and incredibly low noise. If image quality is your paramount concern, or you're one of those full-frame nuts--er, aficionados--then buy this camera, and you've just saved 4,000 bucks."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2006-10-02. Read the full CNET Reviews - Canon EOS 5D Review

Canon EOS 5D review from Popular Photography
"On the one hand, its 12.8MP full-frame CMOS sensor eliminates the 35mm lens factor found on all lower-priced DSLRs and gives it a potential image-quality edge."
Digital Camera reviewed on 2005-12-03. Read the full Popular Photography - Canon EOS 5D Review

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